We all sat or stood around some slowly boiling liquid, slightly thicker than water, starting to bubble gently. I think it was the 3rd day of the festival, upstairs/outside everyone was pretty tired and seemed a bit fatigued, down in the basement it was nice and calm. We started talking about the ocean, and seaweed, nothing in particular, the conversation started and stopped naturally.

It reminded me of the feeling when you sit around a campfire, suddenly all interactions slow right down as people are occupied with the flickering flames and changing colors. Both these activities possess a sense of sharing, safety and community. It’s hard to say why this is, it is calming and disarming. Maybe it has something to do with having a simple task or function to perform, which acts both as a shared foundation and personal safety net.

The future should be Agar Agar 3000. More campfires and boiling pots to sit around, more undefined spaces, shared activities from which we can take great risks. Definite experimentation with indefinite results. Activity and reflection.

From the constitution of Liebe Chaos Verein e.V. i.G.